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    • Yep I definitely feel bad for anyone who paid for a year..at least I just lost my most recent 15 buck payment. When I finish typing this my next step is to go to my paypal account and cancel my automatic monthly payment. I'll be moving on...I'm done.Good luck to everyone!! 
    • April 10 I purchased a 12month subscription on 12-29-2017.. Please check your records.. I paid by PayPal. I can forward the email I received  on 12-29-2017 when PayPal showed the amount sent to Radiosify Multivendor Marketplace [email protected] for $119.99 and says "Annual Network Access" to the left of the $119.99 amount..  My subscription shows to have expired when it should be for a year instead of 3 months. Please correct the situation and place the proper expiration of the account in Radiosity. My email is [email protected] and that is my Radiosity login name. My Radiosify login ID is "johnnyinhouston". I placed this request 8 days ago and have never had a response. It is almost time to contact PayPal.
    • Nope, not set up. my account expired. I bought another year subscription several days ago.
    • I'm in the same boat as you.  HAs anyone heard from Jae Adams!
    • I paid for a year in December and my activation panel says it’s going to expire in May. Please PM me and fix this. It seems there has been a change in ownership but these accounts need to be sorted out please! Thank You!

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