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      ATTENTION:  Do not update your Roku to version 8.1   Roku is pushing out another update to block 3rd Party Channels in it's continuing effort to control what you watch.  Allowing the upgrade will break the Dev Fix.  It is suggested that you switch to an Android device.    
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      No ... Your Sports Section Is Not Missing   02/10/2018

      In the main menu instead of LIVE TV there is now a SPORTS link....

New Community Site For Radiosify

This announcement is no longer active

Jae Adams

Hi there,

Yup, we did it again (you should be used to it by now).  Yes, we love to change things up and are always looking at new, fun ways to expand this community.  Well, we've put together a rather cool community suite that will allow you to participate like never before.  You can access the new site here {suite_url}.

We have imported your user data already and you should have received an email with your login but, if you can't login just reset your password.  Just click the "Existing User?Sign In" link and choose the Forgot Password link (take a look at the picture below).


Not only can you renew or buy a subscription, we've got discussion forums covering support, sports and entertainment.  We will be putting in Team forums for all Pro Sports teams with Gameday posts ... etc.  We will also be implementing a reward system where you earn credits towards Radiosity access just for posting!


So, come on over and say hello on the introduction forum right here:  https://radiosify.com/forums/forum/28-introduce-yourself/

Get involved in the community!  


Jae Adams

Radiosify Community


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