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  2. Subscription Renewal

    You are both up and running now.
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  4. Subscription Renewal

    Same here and I’m getting pissed off
  5. A Few Problems

    Hi Adam. Bob Miller here. I'm seeing a couple of problems lately: 1.) Showtime actually shows something called Showtime Women. I could not watch the fight last night. Showtime 2 shows sports, not Showtime programs. 2.) Some stations like ABC and TVLand digitally break down, buffer and sometimes just go off. Any tips you can give me to fix these things? Is it only me or the system right now? I use an Amazon Fire to get Radiosity. Thank you. Bob
  6. Subscription Renewal

    I renewed my subscription for a annual one can someone please advise when it will be posted i have not had television in 2 days
  7. Payment

    or give me a call please 718 825 4306
  8. Payment

    i am not sure what to do here. or how to order credits. can you please send me a link to my email address so that i can order please. thanks
  9. Payment

    Hi Gregory. Yes it's difficult at the moment. Please see the reseller section of this post.
  10. Payment

    Good evening jae. What other methods of payment can be used in order to get some credits? This is extremely frustrating. What do you advise?
  11. Wow, what a crazy season for the Golden Knights. They've completely smashed all the odds (interesting that they're in Vegas). I'm an original six man (Montreal Canadiens) but I can't help but cheering for these Knights. They bring one hell of a show to the arena and are just plain fun to watch and cheer for.
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  13. Gregory Highland

    They're coming up.
  14. Gregory Highland

    5/12/18 i purchased 20 credits and they have not been placed in my account. I'm currently at zero and i need to restore some of my expired customers.
  15. Gregory Highland

    Jae i purchased 20 credits on the 12th of mat and they have yet to be credited to my account.
  16. No service!

    I received my notice from PayPal that my auto pay had been canceled. Why? My last payment was made on 5-5-2018 but yesterday (5-14-2018) my service was turned off. What is going on? Please turn my service back on!
  17. Radiosity Icon Gone

    Hi Robert. This is not related to paypal it's related to Roku. I'll get you sorted
  18. Radiosity Icon Gone

    Hi Adam or Jae, As off tonight my Radiosity is gone, even thought I am paid up through Feb. 2019. This must have something to do with your PayPal change. Also, I had your icon on my Roku by using your permanent fix and the icon is gone. Can you get me set back up quickly? Will your icon reappear on my Roku permanently fixed? Please help. I am a long time loyal customer. Thank you. Bob
  19. Automatic payment cancelled

    I have received notice from Pay Pal that my automatic payment has been cancelled. What is this all about? Am I no longer going to have service?
  20. Coupon Codes

    How do I obtain a 'Coupon Code'?
  21. IPTV Usage Survey

    Done Brother
  22. IPTV Usage Survey

    IPTV has surged in popularity and is quickly replacing cable as the main media for television entertainment.
  23. Red Soxs

    That is sweet! I really, really miss my Expos.
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