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      ATTENTION:  Do not update your Roku to version 8.1   Roku is pushing out another update to block 3rd Party Channels in it's continuing effort to control what you watch.  Allowing the upgrade will break the Dev Fix.  It is suggested that you switch to an Android device.    
    • Jae Adams

      No ... Your Sports Section Is Not Missing   02/10/2018

      In the main menu instead of LIVE TV there is now a SPORTS link....


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  • Terrarium Tv By Jae Adams

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    Terrarium TV has become one of the most downloaded third-party entertainment apps in a very short span of time. It seems the developers have done quite a bit of research to make sure this app was better than the others around. TERRARIUM TV – THE SHOWBOX ALTERNATIVE If you like to watch movies on the third-party entertainment apps, you must have definitely heard of ShowBox. In fact, there is a good chance you might have used it already. ShowBox used to be one of the most widely used apps a little while ago. But, the users have frequently started reporting the problems with this app. It often crashes and is usually slow. With so many issues, the experience is bound to degrade. Users also feel that the content is no longer as regularly updated as it used to be. Terrarium TV, on the other hand, is a new entrant in this market. But, it seems to have learnt from the mistakes of the others. There are fewer issues as compared to its ShowBox counterpart. It runs smoothly for most part and there are hardly any crashes. Furthermore, as already mentioned it has wide collection of movies and shows and is also regularly updated. Terrarium is also lightweight and thus does not eat up the devices resources as much as Showbox. Terrarium Tv For Firestick is also working great after fixing the issues.        
  • AppLoader By Jae Adams

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    This is the Apploader zip file that contains both the Apploader.exe and the .pkg file needed to bypass the Roku channel restrictions.
  • Radiosity Android App By Jae Adams

    • 197
    This is the official Android App (apk) for Radiosity.  It includes the new EPG (Channel Guide) and performance enhancements.

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