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Guest Jae Adams

How To Install Radiosity On Android Devices

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Guest Jae Adams

You can enjoy the complete Radiosity™ service from your tablet or TV Box with Android™.

Minimum Requirements:
• Android TM 4.1 or above
• 512 Kb/s download speed

Recommended Requirements:
• Android TM 4.2.2 or above
• 20 Mb/s download speed


Keep in mind that the Minimum Requirements are barely enough to play content at standard quality.

If your device meets the requirements above mentioned, it might be supported, although due the wide variety of Android TM devices, there's no warranty of its right behavior.

Download the APK file from our site, run it and proceed with its installation:

Your device must allow installation from unknown sources:
Settings » Security » Unknown Sources » Check

Linking your account
Open the Radiosity app and wait a few seconds to let the system generate the activation code.

Sign in with your Radiosity account at our site and go to My Account.

Then, click on the menu General > Device Linking

Enter the activation code that appears on your Android device or, if possible, scan the QR Code.
After a few seconds, your device will be ready to use!

Before you start enjoying our catalog, let's learn how to use Radiosity on Android.
Our library is divided in several sections. From left to right, they are:
• Settings.
◦ Information about your account
◦ Software version
◦ Language selection
◦ Enable or disable the automatic start of the application
◦ Unlink your account
• Search. Find exactly what you want to watch.
• Favorites. Your preferred content at one place.
• Movies. Browse our movie library.
• TV Shows. The TV series trending right now, by seasons.
• Live TV - English. Top rated North American channels.
• Fitness. Keep your body healthy with our premium fitness programs.
• Concerts. Music to your eyes!
• Live TV - Spanish. Top Rated Latin channels, spoken in spanish.
• Adult VOD. Enjoy our adult library whenever you wish.
• Adult Live. Live adult programming, 24 hours a day.

Since the number of existing Android devices is huge, it would be impossible to us try to give detailed instructions for each brand.
Fortunately, most of them work similarly and remote controls are basically the same. Use the navigation functions available for your TV Box. You
shouldn't have troubles since controls are intuitive.

If you installed Radiosity on a touchscreen device, use the following gestures to move through the sections:

  • Swipe to left - Move to left
  • Swipe to right - Move to right
  • Swipe up - Move up
  • Swipe down - Move down
  • Tap - Select

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Guest Jae Adams
2 hours ago, Kassie Anderson said:

I cannot link my device.  I am in my account and cannot find the General> link device menu

You need to add the activation code that is on your TV screen when you open the App. 

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Guest Jae Adams

Please go to your messaging center and check your messages.  Your Activation instructions and activation panel were sent to you 14 hours ago but your message remains unread.

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Guest Jae Adams
3 hours ago, William Stenhouse said:

Is the protv account different from the radiosify account.

Pro TV is a separate service.  We have both.

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On 4/3/2018 at 3:23 PM, sole2000 said:

I have not received any message, and it's been over 24 hours since I've purchased my subscription.  What's happening?

Please check your Private Messages here on the site.  You have everything.

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