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Guest Jae Adams

How To Install Radiosity On Mag 250/254

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Guest Jae Adams

Officially, Radiosity can be installed on MAG TM 250 and 254, but it may also works on previous and further versions that the two above.

• First of all, make sure you're connected to the Internet, whether it be using a wired network or a wireless adapter.
• On your MAG TM main screen, go to:
Settings » System Settings » Servers » Portals
• In Portal URL 1, press the KB (Keyboard) on your remote and type the following address: https://www.radiosity.sx
• Press again the KB button to hide the virtual keyboard.
• On Portal Name, set Radiosity.
• Save the changes.
• Keep pressing the Home button until you can't go any further.
• Reboot your MAG TM device

Linking your account
Open the Radiosity app and wait a few seconds to let the system generate the activation code.

Sign in with your Radiosity account at our site and go to My Account.

Then, click on the button Link Set-Top Box.

Enter the activation code that appears on your MAG device.

After a few seconds, your device will be ready to use!

Our library is divided in several sections. From left to right, they are:
• Settings.
◦ Information about your account
◦ Software version
◦ Language selection
◦ Enable or disable the automatic start of the application
◦ Unlink your account
• Search. Find exactly what you want to watch.
• Favorites. Your preferred content at one place.
• Movies. Browse our movie library.
• TV Shows. The TV series trending right now, by seasons.
• Live TV - English. Top rated North American channels.
• Fitness. Keep your body healthy with our premium fitness programs.
• Concerts. Music to your eyes!
• Live TV - Spanish. Top Rated Latin channels, spoken in spanish.
• Adult VOD. Enjoy our adult library whenever you wish.
• Adult Live. Live adult programming, 24 hours a day.

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