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Jae and the community What's up! My name is Steve and im out here in Dallas and a current member of radiosity. Y'all make sure and get with Jae, he will take care of cutting that cord!! Plenty of channels and lots of movies to watch from adults to kids, sports, ppv, wwe and lots of UFC for 14.99 it pays for itself and more trust me!

Check out the terrarium app also better than showbox!

Hollar Jae he'll get you hooked up!
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Terrarium TV has become one of the most downloaded third-party entertainment apps in a very short span of time. It seems the developers have done quite a bit of research to make sure this app was better than the others around.


If you like to watch movies on the third-party entertainment apps, you must have definitely heard of ShowBox. In fact, there is a good chance you might have used it already. ShowBox used to be one of the most widely used apps a little while ago. But, the users have frequently started reporting the problems with this app.

It often crashes and is usually slow. With so many issues, the experience is bound to degrade. Users also feel that the content is no longer as regularly updated as it used to be.

Terrarium TV, on the other hand, is a new entrant in this market. But, it seems to have learnt from the mistakes of the others. There are fewer issues as compared to its ShowBox counterpart. It runs smoothly for most part and there are hardly any crashes. Furthermore, as already mentioned it has wide collection of movies and shows and is also regularly updated. Terrarium is also lightweight and thus does not eat up the devices resources as much as Showbox. Terrarium Tv For Firestick is also working great after fixing the issues.



Hi there,

Yup, we did it again (you should be used to it by now).  Yes, we love to change things up and are always looking at new, fun ways to expand this community.  Well, we've put together a rather cool community suite that will allow you to participate like never before.  You can access the new site here {suite_url}.

We have imported your user data already and you should have received an email with your login but, if you can't login just reset your password.  Just click the "Existing User?Sign In" link and choose the Forgot Password link (take a look at the picture below).

Not only can you renew or buy a subscription, we've got discussion forums covering support, sports and entertainment.  We will be putting in Team forums for all Pro Sports teams with Gameday posts ... etc.  We will also be implementing a reward system where you earn credits towards Radiosity access just for posting!

So, come on over and say hello on the introduction forum right here:  https://radiosify.com/forums/forum/28-introduce-yourself/

Get involved in the community!  


Jae Adams

Radiosify Community
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1.- Roku device connected to your LAN (wired or wireless).
2.- Microsoft Windows in a PC, Notebook or Virtualized Machine connected in the same Roku's LAN.


Step 1.
First, we must make sure that the developer mode is enabled on the ROKU player. To enable developer mode, press the following combination of keys on your ROKU remote control: Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Step 2.
The "Developer Settings" screen will appear. Select "Enable installer and restart" and press "OK". The password selection screen appears, type the password "abc98745" (without the quotes) using the on-screen keyboard, then select "Set password and reboot". The ROKU player will reboot with developer mode enabled.

Step 3.
Download and save the "AppLoader.zip" i am including a download link of this file for you to download and unzip it on your computer.  

Step 4.
Run the application "AppLoader.exe" downloaded in step 3 

Step 5.
Now, fill out the information on the AppLoader application fields:
ROKU Hostname or IP: Here you will enter your ROKU device player's IP address. To see it, go to the "Settings->System->About" page in your ROKU device player, the IP address will be to the right of the "IP address" field (four numbers separated by dots, similar to this:
Port: This should be left as it is (default value is 80).
Username: This should be left as it is (default value is rokudev).
2nd username field: Here you should enter the password that was defined in step 2: "abc98745" (without the quotes)
App PKG File: Here you will select the "radiosity-1.9.3.pkg" by clicking on the button with the triple dots (...).

Step 6.
Only after all of the above information is filled out the "Load" button will be enabled, then, Click on it, to load the application into your ROKU device. If any error occurs you will see a message box and loading will not be completed, if that happens review the information filled out in step 5 and try again.

Step 7.
If the application is loaded successfully, you should see the progress bar fill to 100% and then return to 0% showing "Ready" and the channel app will load on-screen.
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This is the official Android App (apk) for Radiosity.  It includes the new EPG (Channel Guide) and performance enhancements.


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