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      ATTENTION:  Do not update your Roku to version 8.1   Roku is pushing out another update to block 3rd Party Channels in it's continuing effort to control what you watch.  Allowing the upgrade will break the Dev Fix.  It is suggested that you switch to an Android device.    
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      No ... Your Sports Section Is Not Missing   02/10/2018

      In the main menu instead of LIVE TV there is now a SPORTS link....

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  1. info for Radiosity service

    Hi Jae Just wondering if you are going to send to me the info for getting onto Radiosity service. You were going to switch me over from Protv to Radiosity and still have not received any info to get Radiosity up and running like we talked about a month ago. Please let me know what you are going to do. I paid for a full year of Protv and around Feb you were having problems with Protv and your internet was having problems also and were going to get back with me when they were resolved. I paid for Protv last oct for a full year of service. Thanks Jae
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from the snowy state of New Hampshire. Have gotten 8 inches of snow since midnite and it still keeps coming.
  3. Protv

    Hello everyone from snowy nh.Jae has done a great job setting up his new site. I use a firetv stick and have the PROTv apk and it works pretty good but have some buffering issues If any one else are using PROTv apk with the fire stick and having same issues Let me know.
  4. protv buffering

    Hi Jae Were you able to get the new protv apk uploaded in the downloads? If you did where is it in the download section? Let me know where it is when you have a chance. Is it in the apploader download? I tried to download the apploader but my Nortons will not let me.
  5. protv buffering

    Hi Jae I'm still having a lot of buffering. Do you have the updated protv apk. I think I have the old one still? If you don't have it could you please let me know where to find it.

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