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  1. I am sorry to say but you are wasting your time using Roku for any 3rd party apps that they are not getting a kick back from. Perhaps this will be resolved in the future but all my customers are either switching to android or subscribing to an approved iptv provider like Sling.
  2. TeaTV

    Version 1.0.0


    https://teatv.net/ Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux The fastest, easiest way to find and discover movies, actors and shows. TeaTV has been built from the ground up with performance in mind for a fast and efficient experience to surfing your collection.
  3. Roku Update 8.1 Don't Do It!

    Hello Chadd, I have been using the Amazon Fire Stick for Radiosity and it works great. Also navigation is a lot better than other STB's for Android. I have purchased others and then sent them back. The firestick is still the best so far and it is as fast as anyone needs.
  4. Android App Update

    Just wondering, What happened to the NBA Pass? My customers are asking. Any update will be noted and forwarded. Thanks
  5. Yes sir. It is working. I feel as if Apple bought out Roku because the control has ramped up considerably. I am moving all my customers to Android as fast as they will move. Turtle power. lol. you guys have been the most professional providers I have had so far. Keep up the good work.
  6. When I test Radiosity on my Roku, I load it just as you state. I open and use the app, but when i close it, it disappears from the roku. any thoughts on this? I still have several customers using Roku.

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