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  1. Paid for a year!

    I'm in the same boat as you. HAs anyone heard from Jae Adams!
  2. No service

    Welcome to the crowd. There are many complaints about paying, no service, and no response!
  3. No service II

    Not sure either, Shane. I see where it said the system was down on April 4th. I sent a message yesterday to Adam Phillips since it says he's back and I'm awaiting a response. I will call the physical number I see at Radiosify 1st thing tomorrow to see if I can find out anything. You're not alone, if that helps...
  4. Hey Jae, I purchased 2 subscriptions, when will I get my "mini's"?
  5. Hi Y'all

    Hey Jae! My Radiosity acting up. Says I don't have a subscription and references Jose as subscriber that needs to renew his subscription. Help...
  6. Hello

    Hello, I'm checking in from Washington, DC. It's cooolllddd...so I'm warming up in front of the TV watching all the latest movies and catching up on old shows. Wouldn't be possible without good ole RADIOSITY!

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