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  1. Paid for a year!

    Yep I definitely feel bad for anyone who paid for a year..at least I just lost my most recent 15 buck payment. When I finish typing this my next step is to go to my paypal account and cancel my automatic monthly payment. I'll be moving on...I'm done.Good luck to everyone!!
  2. No service

    Wow this appears to be becoming an issue..tomorrow will be my 7th day looking at a screen telling me to renew my service that's already been paid to renew..support request has gone totally unanswered. Good luck...
  3. No service II

    Helloooo the money was automatically taken from my account 0n April 3rd to pay for my service and now its April 15th and I'm on 3 days now with no service and no response. Does anybody respond or should I just chalk up my !5 bucks as a loss and move on? I haven't had a problem in the year or more I've been paying for it but I gotta admit this is starting to get pretty annoying after 3 days... Edit... sorry 4 days not 3
  4. No service II

    Im receiving expired please renew screen bill was 4/3 please help

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